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Hey Alexa, how old is David Attenborough?
Hey Google, where does a chickpea come from?
Hey Siri, what time is my flight to the Cayman Islands?

Typing questions is a thing of the past. We now ask our phones for answers because it’s natural and quicker to use our voice. Voice is the most efficient form of communication. So why are phones the only piece of technology many of us are using Voice Control? 


In the same way smart phones have become computers, banks and cameras, Smart Home Assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod and Google Home act as the brains of our home, allowing them to respond and react to simple voice commands.

 Unsure how you can benefit from voice instructions at home? Check out our favourite examples below:


Get comfortable in the living room:

How often have you lost yourself in an afternoon box set only to realise you’re sitting in the pitch black a few hours later. Ever wanted to spring up off the sofa, adjust the lighting, shut the blinds and reset the mood? Thought not.

With voice control there’s no need to rush around the room, simply ask Alexa to do it for you:

Hey Alexa, shut the blinds

Hey Alexa turn on the living room lamps to 60% - woah, too bright - darken by 10%

Hey Alexa, open Amazon Prime and rent 10 Things I Hate About You.

Now you’re too comfortable to cook, what food are you ordering in?


Perfect temperature control:

It might be early June but if May was anything to go by we won’t be turning off the heating just yet. With smart heating you can customise the temperature in every room by using simple voice commands - perfect for those unpredictable months.

Hey Alexa, turn the home office to 24 degrees at 8:30am tomorrow, it looks like a cold morning

Hey Alexa, turn off the heating in the kitchen - it’s time to get cooking

Hey Alexa, it’s bedtime in 10 minutes, turn the heating on in the bedroom for one hour.


Take Control of Your Kitchen:

Wouldn’t it be great to have hot drinks on command? Well Alexa can’t make the tea, but it can certainly put the wheels in motion. With the Smarter iKettle & Coffee Machine you can use your voice to get that all important caffeine fix, whenever it’s needed the most. 

Hey Alexa, brew my morning coffee

Hey Alexa, turn the Kettle on at 3PM

Hey Alexa, boil the kettle to 85ºC for my Green Tea Hey Alexa, boil the kettle in 20 minutes when Mum pops round

There are endless ways to use your voice at home so it’s time to get someone else doing the hard work around the house. Give us a follow on Instagram for more tips and tricks just like this! 

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