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At Home With:

The Koleda Founders

For At Home With #001, Madi & Toma ― the inventors of Koleda, the smart infra-red heater, gave us their time to talk about why they're super excited for Summer this year. They also lift the lid on why people are asking if they're responsible for the spate of Monolith sightings across the world.

At Home With: Madi & Toma


At Home With: Madi & Toma


If a new kind of smart tech could solve one problem that you have in your daily life, what would it be?

Toma: A desk with wireless charging all over it. Charging all my devices daily is the bane of my life and if you miss the exact spot you put your device on, it doesn’t charge. 

Madi: I had this daily issue solved the other week! I used to let my coffee go cold everyday and joked that I had to drink ‘iced coffee’ every morning. I got an Ember Mug to keep my coffee the same temperature all morning.


What’s your favourite thing about your own home?

Toma: I love the lighting set up in my home, its got to be warm and chilled.

Madi: I crave natural light so big windows make a huge difference to me.

What’s your favourite piece of smart technology that you own?

Toma: I installed automatic blinds and I'm loving the daily 6/7am wake up to the morning light.

Madi: Definitely biased, but the Solus M1+ behind me that heats my office has been perfect over winter.

What’s the funniest bit of customer feedback you’ve ever received?

Both: We got told all the time that the Solus+ looks like the monolith from Space Odyssey 2001. Especially now they're randomly popping up all over the world!


What is your top life hack for everyday life?

Madi: The calendar. For anyone with an overloaded brain and a short memory span setting calendar reminders can save your life. I’d never put the bins out without them.

And finally…

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Toma: Winter!

Madi: Launching our cooling product this Summer. The excitement of the build up to the new launch is always so fun and our team are doing an amazing job working together on this.

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