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Balancing Work And
Life At Home

A year of working from home has not been without its challenges. It’s hard to manage work-life balance when there’s little differentiation between the two, and for many the lack of commute is making it difficult to switch off. 

To help, we’ve pulled together smart home hacks to help you work through your day and unwind into the evening..

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated


When working from home it’s easy to forget to take a quick break – or making the journey to the kitchen to get another glass of water.

Sparkwell Solution: For those long days in meetings, receive timely reminders from My_SmartBottle app and leave keeping with your health and wellness up to your bottle. You can stay focused and you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to drink more.

2. Change The Tempo


What music gets you through the day? Ludovico Einaudi classics? Dua Lipa anthems? Maybe the sound of silence? Whatever it is, be thankful it’s not the office playlist.

Sparkwell Solution: Not only is the Revo Superconnect one of the best looking smart speakers around, it also has an award winning sound profile and app controlled connectivity: meaning you can switch between Spotify and global radio at the swipe of a finger.

3. Freshen Up Your Office Air


If you wouldn’t work sitting at a dirty, messy desk then you shouldn’t be sitting in a room breathing dirty, contaminated air either.

Sparkwell Solution: Let the Airthings Wave Mini be a breath of fresh air into your working space, Sync your Alexa through the Airthings and Revo hi-fi and let you know when you need to crack the window and take some fresh, clean air.

4. Set The Mood


Start your day with difficult tasks and leave the simple ones until the end. Winding down is important, the last thing you need is a complex problems as you prepare for a relaxing evening at home. 

Sparkwell Solution: Schedule your LifX Mini to transition from a cool white light into a warm evening glow as your day is coming to an end.

We can’t promise it’ll reduce your workload but we can guarantee a relaxing environment for the final hours at your desk.

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Lifx Mini White - Sparkwell Home
Lifx Mini White - Sparkwell Home

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