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Dial Up The Atmosphere At
Your Next Dinner Party

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Whisper it quietly but life appears to be returning to normal, and dinner parties are back on the agenda.

Any designer will tell you it’s the lighting that defines the atmosphere. A well lit room sets the tone for the evening and elevates your guests’ experience. Enter the LIFX A60, the super host's secret weapon.

This unassuming smart bulb stores a billion colours and endless possibilities for setting the mood at home. Use the app to create custom scenes to match each phase of the evening, and assign each one a start and end time so the lighting seamlessly changes as the evening develops.


LIFX can’t help with your recipe research (Thomas Straker is highly recommended), guest list or the dishes, but it can bring a new level of sophistication to your dinner party. Our team are no strangers to entertaining so here are our favourite LIFX lighting scenes to help inspire your next event:

The Welcome: depending on the time of day we recommend one of two settings: a warm ambient light to make your home look even more inviting, or a golden hue to mirror the setting sun as the night draws in.


The Food: as our guests take their seats we like to schedule dimming to elevate the mood. Ever wondered how your favourite cocktail bar becomes more atmospheric as the evening goes on? LIFX is the answer. The app let’s you set the temperature of each colour - it’s incredibly simple to do and will give your space a beautiful, relaxing glow.

Main Event: after your meal and a drink or two you may want to dial up the celebrations. LIFX have made it possible to sync your lights with your music via their music visualiser feature. The song choice dictates the colour and the brightness of the lights, we like to activate this feature when it’s time to show off our best dance moves.


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Lifx A60 smart lightbulb with a bayonet fitting | Sparkwell Home
Lifx A60 smart lightbulb with a bayonet fitting | Sparkwell Home
Lifx A60 - Sparkwell Home

Lifx A60

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