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Lost & Found:
Life Hacks Using Trackers

On average we spend 15mins a day searching for lost items at home. Over a year the time really adds up. 
Bluetooth trackers - small fobs that attach to your belongings - exist to stop the searching. Yet so many of us are new to the concept. Think of it like Find My iPhone, but it’s less about checking how late your friend is, and more about saving time, money and stress. 

Besides keeping track of your keys, here are some clever ways you can use a bluetooth tracker to make your life significantly easier.


Track your dog
Attach a tracker to your furry friend's collar and remove all anxieties about them running off. Sadly dog theft is on the rise, a bluetooth tracker could make all the difference if you find yourself in the unthinkable position of having to get your pet back.


Peace of mind
Whether commuting or enjoying a day in the saddle it can be hard to shake the anxiety of locking your bike in public. Secure a tracker beneath your seat for constant reassurance your ride is where you left it.


Pseudo-Parking Valet
Wouldn’t it be lovely to live that James Bond life? Aston Martin waiting the second you step out the door. Sadly a bluetooth tracker can’t do that, but leave one in your glovebox and save yourself the search around the carpark. It’s the next best thing. 


Family Days Out
Whether it’s a trip to the supermarket or a day out on the beach, kids have a habit of wandering. Why not pop a tracker in their bag or pocket and save yourself the stress of having one less in the headcount. 

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Chipolo One Black

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