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Smart Home Technology:
Jargon Explained

Frustrated with technical smart home jargon? A lot of the time the technical terms involved in setting up your smart devices can make you want to pack the whole thing in and send it back to where it came. Sparkwell Home aims to be a jargon and acronym free safe-space. But where this can’t be avoided, we can help you by explaining what they mean:

Automations: are ‘actions’ such as turning something off or turning something up. These actions are triggered by an “event” such as opening the front door or the time turning to 7am. You might for example want your heating turned up before you arrive home from work. An automation would turn your heating up by 3 degrees at 6:30pm every evening. 


Smart Assistant:
What can be hard to use? Apps. What is always easy to use? Your voice. A smart assistant is a piece of software inside your smart phone or speaker that can perform tasks for you or answer questions. They’re less sassy than certain family members are as well. 


The Cloud:
 is the friendly name given to The Internet. For example, Alexa will manage and update your devices via the cloud. The Cloud is also the reason that some smart tech products, such as Ring, will charge you a recurring monthly fee. They charge you to use their cloud services so you can store a library of your video and security footage.

Hub: The Hub is the brain of the smart home. It’s the central box that all of your individual smart home devices (smart bulbs, smart locks, video doorbell) connect to. One great benefit of a hub is that, if you ever moved house and had to reconnect your smart devices to your Wi-Fi router, the hub means that you only need to make this connection one time, rather than for each individual device.


IFTTT: One example of a much loved acronym in the Smart Technology world. If This Then That (bit of a tongue twister) is an application designed to link and automate an ever growing set of smart home systems. The main benefit is connecting all of your devices and controlling them in one place.

IoT: Internet of Things, this is the popular term to describe how devices can use The Cloud to connect to each other and how they can work together and control each other wirelessly. 

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