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 our beautiful smart home products for the design-conscious homeowner

When it comes to smart technology beauty is sometimes sacrificed for brains, leaving the style conscious homeowner facing difficult decisions.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Sparkwell ‘smart’ and ‘well-designed’ are never mutually exclusive. But don’t just take our word for it - check out these favourites from our collection that are as sleek as they are intelligent. 

Product Name: Koleda MK1

Swiss design meets smart functionality in the stylish MK1. This minimalist, app controlled heater lets you set the perfect temperature remotely and can reduce bills by up to 50%. Home heating never looked so good.

Product Name: Hive View

A camera for those who value home security but don’t want it to look intrusive. Unlike other devices the Hive View is designed to blend seamlessly into modern homes: with it’s premium finish, clean lines and considered size. Watch over what matters in style.

Product Name: Revo SuperConnect

What do The Ace Hotel, Made Hotel and Nobu Hotel have in common? You’ll find Revos in their rooms. This beautiful audio device combines functionalism, craft and technology to provide the perfect soundtrack to your home.

Product Name: Xgimi MoGo Pro

Product Into: Transform your favourite room into a cinema with the sleek MoGo Pro. A portable projector with HD video streaming and in built Harmon-Kardon technology for an altogether more elevated viewing experience.

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