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Published on 17 January 2021 by Sparkwell Home

Sustainability at home: How smart home
tech is more thrifty, than symbol of luxury

We’re all getting used to the pressures we feel internally to reduce our carbon footprint, to be a more conscious consumer and to make an individual difference. Then we’re confronted with the uncomfortable reality: a lot of sustainable goods are Expensive. With a capital E. But isn’t that kind of the point? You buy higher quality, and you own less of everything.

This is where these smart home solutions come in. You can buy with a clear conscience and over time, recoup your money and enjoy a long-term reduction in the amount you spend on your bills.

Reducing the amount, we spend on our bills at home is something we collectively strive for and scarcely achieve.  


An infrared heater for perfect temperature control. The Koleda Solus+ range requires no professional installation and is ushering in a new era of efficient home heating. Infrared heaters can heat rooms directly, meaning they are 30% more efficient than standard convectional electric heaters. Along with its smart home controls it’s designed to reduce your heating costs up to 50%.

Bills: reduced.
Environmental Footprint: shrunk.

Room by room control provides instant heat exactly where you need it, and never where you don’t. 


A passive aggressive showerhead that changes colour the longer you’re in the shower? Maybe not what you want on a Monday morning in February, but in the long run you’ll be thankful.

Who doesn’t like healthy competition? With Hydrao’s connected app, the whole house can track their water usage and then everybody knows who’s paying extra for bills this month.  


Not ready to rip all the radiators in your home off the wall? Reasonable. Tado’s smart thermostat kit is the simplest way to save energy. Tado detects open windows and reminds you to turn down your heating to save more energy.

Much like it’s infrared counterpart, Tado sends you reminders to turn down the heating when everybody has left the house. Smart scheduling, remote control, it’s an easy step to an eco-home. 


And to tie it all off, the guardian angel of your new low-cost, minimal-footprint domain. The Minut Smart Monitor is the brain of the operation. Have you done the unthinkable and left the heating on while you’re away for the weekend? It only takes a Minut to turn it off.

The Minut Smart Monitor is primarily a cameraless home security product:
It monitors noise
Detects motion
Even measuring air quality

This smart home alarm generates real cost-saving value through the alerts it sends you if any of your appliances is left on, be it the heating, your lights or even your entertainment system.  

Koleda Solus+ M1
Koleda Solus+ M1
Koleda Solus+ M1 White

Koleda Solus+ M1



Koleda Solus+ M2
Koleda Solus+ M2
Koleda Solus+ M2 - Sparkwell Home

Koleda Solus+ M2



Tado Starter Kit V3+ - Sparkwell Home
Tado Starter Kit V3+ - Sparkwell Home

Tado Starter Kit V3+


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