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Get help caring for elderly parents remotely

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Life doesn’t always make it possible to be on hand for our ageing parents and the restrictions of the pandemic have only made the difficulties of remote care more apparent. There are ways that technology - specifically a smart home assistant like Alexa - can help give us greater peace of mind, like providing real-time monitoring and making emergency calls in the worst case scenarios.

Although conventionally we wouldn’t suggest our ageing parents turn to new technologies as an answer for their day to day issues, there’s one significant difference that Alexa has that breaks down barriers for the people who aren’t technologically confident.

Alexa uses the power of our voices to give support and one thing we can all agree on is it’s much easier to use our voice than it is to tap on our phones, particularly if someone is visually impaired or struggles with arthritis.

Here are some scenarios that Alexa would be perfect for helping to care for your elderly relative:


Daily Routines: 

1. Set Alexa up to read out the day of the week and the date each morning when you know your parent is awake for the day.

2. Arrange reminders to remind them when it is time to take their daily medication

3. Record what is in your calendar for the day - so there are no forgotten appointments or missed catch ups with friends!


Repeat Regular Activities: 

1. Have a weekly supermarket orders delivered

- When something has run out, tell Alexa and get it added to the shopping list so nothing essential is forgotten when it’s time to reorder the weekly groceries.

2. Save frequently used phone contacts

- That number might be yours, or that of the local taxi firms or it could be a friend they speak to on a regular basis. If Alexa knows it, it saves the faff or trying to search through an address book on their phone

3. Reorder medical prescriptions

- Just ask Alexa to reorder a new batch of your medication when you’re close to reaching the end of the supply.


In Case Of Emergency: 

1. Alexa has a ‘buddy’ service or an emergency contact

- If somebody has had a fall, alerting Alexa to ‘call my buddy’ can immediately get an emergency contact on the phone.

2. Direct call to 999 the emergency services

- If things are really serious, asking Alexa can be the quickest way to reach the emergency services in a time of need.

3. Use as a burglar deterrent

- Alexa has the skill to make noises in certain rooms to warn off any potential intruders - stop a crisis before it happens.

Overall the benefits of Alexa are for easy and clear communication - it might not be a real person, but having a voice on the end of your questions and requests can make a big difference to an elderly person living on their own - you can even get Alexa to play 20 questions.

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