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What was the last item you lost? We lose up to 9 things a day and spend 15 minutes looking for them. The cost of replacing items we lose adds up to £4,500 over our lifetime. Who’s got that time or cash to spare? 


Get instant peace of mind:

In-built GPS has made tracking phones a breeze, the same can’t be said for our analog items. In Britain we spend £181m a year replacing lost car keys.

Are you one of the 2 million drivers who have had to fork out? Why not tag your keys with a Bluetooth tracker: this penny sized item lets you skip the frantic search by showing you their exact location. 


Remove the problem:

When it comes to lost household items, front door keys are by far the worst offenders. Our solution? Do away with them entirely!

Installing a smart lock means your phone becomes your keys. Simply walk up to the door and watch it swing open stress free, wave goodbye to pocket patting and expensive calls to the locksmiths. 


Avoid chasing parcels:

We all know delivery companies are a bit lax with where they leave our parcels. You shouldn’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to get a replacement.

Enter the video doorbell. These clever devices are not just for security, they’re a way to talk with whoever's at the door. Receive real-time notifications when you’re at work and tell the courier exactly where to leave your package. HOURS saved dealing with mislaid parcels!

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