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Why would I want
a smart home?

You’ve heard of smart home products, but why do we need a connected home? You’re not the first to ask, you certainly won’t be the last. Before we start let’s make one thing clear: smart home can be remarkably simple. Technology should bring value to your life, not detract by adding complexity to simple tasks. Here are some ways you can benefit from a smarter home:

Safety: Discrete wireless cameras are easily set up in minutes. Many of us are returning to the office and smart security offers peace of mind when we’re away from home. Mobile notifications send alerts whenever the movement is sensed and two-way audio lets you talk with anyone on the property, including delivery drivers, family and friends.


They say you can’t buy time, but there are ways you can get more of it. Ever wished for an extra pair of hands to help around the house? Robot vacuums clean the floors when you’re away from home, they’re small enough to get under beds, sofas and counters and save countless hours (and back pain) when it comes to the weekend tidy.

Cost Saving: Looking to reduce your bills? Upgrading your home heating is an easy way to save. Smart systems use sensors to avoid warming empty rooms and heating is controlled from your phone: receive reminders if you’ve left the house with the heating on and switch it off with the swipe of a finger. One of our favourite products, the Koleda Solus+, can reduce heating costs at home by up to 50%!


Safeguarding our families health is vital and there are smart home products designed with this in mind. Air quality monitors protect from airborne chemicals at home, smart filters remove contaminants from our tap water, and fluid trackers ensure we’re giving our body the hydrations we need to avoid becoming ill. Technology and wellness are far from mutually exclusive.


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