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Our collection of stories is written to make smart home technology a little bit more simple. From reimagining the way you set up your living room, to everyday WFH hacks.

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Getting help caring for elderly parents remotely - two elderly men playing chess outdoors

Smart ways to provide care for elderly family members
 Discover How

Prepare Your Home For A Holiday - row of colourful British terraced houses

Going on holiday? Here's how to secure your home so you can have peace of mind
 Smart Home Tips

What's new from Sparkwell cover image - a woman sat at a table drinking coffee

Catch up with the latest from Sparkwell Home
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Clean Air, Healthy Home

Clean Air, Healthy Home: Learning about indoor air pollution
 Learn More

staying healthy in a heatwave - sparkwell stories

What Happens When You Forget To Drink Water?

top water saving tips - sparkwell stories

Reduce Your Water Usage (and your water bill cost)
 Learn More

Living Room Design Inspiration

Enjoy time spent relaxing in the living room 
Style Ideas

control your home with your voice - sparkwell stories

Typing questions is a thing of the past. Find out why
 Read On

smart home trends: 3 eco home changes - sparkwell stories - the image is a cover image for that story

Smart Home Trends: 3 changes homeowners will have to make
 Find Out

a chipolo bluetooth tracker connected to a bike so it is not lost, a cover for the story: life hacks with bluetooth trackers

Read 5 inventive ways to use bluetooth device trackers
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At Home With: the Koleda founders - Sparkwell Stories

At Home With: The Koleda Founders
 Meet Them

featured room: take control of your kitchen - sparkwell stories

Featured Room: The Kitchen
 Take Control

dial up the atmosphere at your next dinner party - sparkwell stories

Dial up the atmosphere at your next dinner party 
Read How

smart home technology: jargon explained - sparkwell stories

Discover a breakdown of smart tech jargon here 
Learn More

Balancing Work And Life At Home

Smart WFH solutions 
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